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Feel better

If you're suffering from chronic pain, acute sports injuries, or just want to de-stress and relax, and are based within a 10 mile radius of Horningsham, Wiltshire, I can help.


Here are some examples of problems that may be assisted, so you can get back to enjoying life:

Opening hours

& locations


massage therapist


I am a fully qualified therapist with over 10 years of experience.


Through a varied range of modalities, I provide care, comfort & advice to help ease aches & pains, both acute & chronic.


I provide a full assessment, take a client history & perform any tests that may be necessary to enable me to tackle the cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms.


I'm trained in Sports Massage and Emmett Technique (gentle, non-invasive, muscle release technique that can be applied through light clothes - no jeans please!). Both complement each other & can provide relief from chronic pain, acute injuries, poor posture & even emotional trauma.


Back and hip pain

Neck & shoulder restrictions & discomfort

Knee & ankle restrictions

Persistent heel & foot pain

Lymphatic & sinus congestion

Migraines & headaches

Breathing restrictions

Abdominal cramps & bowel discomfort

Discomfort during pregnancy

Fluid retention

Some nice things people have said...

"I first met Jon 2 years ago whilst training for an Ironman which consists of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and a full 42.2km marathon. I needed someone to help keep my body functioning optimally whilst training for the race.


I firmly believe that without the help from Jon's treatments I would not have been able to maintain the intensity and frequency of training required to complete such a monumental endurance event".


Reece, Chingford


Within a 10 mile radius of Horningsham, Wiltshire , UK

Mon - Sat 09:00 - 20:00

Emergency appointments available.

"After the best part of seven years living with pain in my shoulder I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Jon is the first therapist (and I’ve seen lots) to take the time to look for the cause of the problem rather than simply treating the pain. I’ve had three sessions with Jon now and can really feel the improvement, much less pain and much more mobile. I’d recommend this type of treatment any day over other types of massage therapy".


Heather, WGC


"I am disabled with a lot of muscular pain. After speaking with my physiotherapist I was advised to seek out a massage therapist. I found this within Muscle Solutions. A have now had a number of relaxing sessions which loosen knots and relieve painful muscles".


Dan, Harlow


"I found Jon very knowledgeable about the body and enthusiastic about how to approach fixing the pain I was experiencing in my back. He has some different techniques which are not painful but are effective. I would certainly recommend Jon if you are looking for therapy for muscle pain or injury".


Jenny, Hertford

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