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Jon Cooke Dip. SMT

Massage Therapy & Fast Pain Relief


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Muscle Solutions -

Massage therapy & fast pain relief in Hertfordshire.

About me.


Through a varied range of modalities I provide care, comfort & advice to help ease aches & pains, both acute & chronic.


If you're suffering from sports injuries, looking for pain relief or even just want to de-stress with a relaxing massage and are based in or around Ware, I can help.


I'm Jon Cooke & I run Muscle Solutions, a Mobile Massage Therapy service that provides care, comfort & advice to anyone suffering from chronic or acute aches & pains. I provide a full assessment, take a client history & perform any tests that may be necessary to enable me to tackle the cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms.


I'm trained in Sports Massage. Deft Bowen & Emmett (lighter techniques that can be applied through loose clothes - no jeans!). All three work well together or separately & can provide relief from pain & emotional trauma.


As I am a mobile Massage Therapist you can relax knowing you can be treated in the comfort of your own home. All I ask is if you can provide a couple of towels & a pillow you don't mind getting a little oil or lotion on. Oh, & enough space for me & my couch!

By [email protected], Jun 13 2016 02:26PM

This new offer gives people the chance to save £10 on a 60 minute masssage. Nice and simple, eh?

Book now and get a personalised gift certificate for the lucky recipient!

Quote "FDPROMO16" when booking the appointment.

Ts & Cs apply. See website Offers Page for details.

By [email protected], Dec 17 2015 07:53PM


So I just wanted to remind everyone out there that, as always, massage gift certificates are available and can serve as a much needed gift, especially around this time of year.

There's always so much going on for a lot of folks throughout the festive season and with people working non-stop right up until the last minute, it can be hard to find any time for yourself. Equally, you may know of someone who undoubtably deserves a chance to unwind and de-stress. Don't let pain, discomfort, stiffness or tension ruin the festive spirit!

Please contact me via the details on the website to purchase a personalised massage voucher for someone special.

By [email protected], Mar 2 2015 07:34PM

Right, we've squeezed as much life out of those red roses as possible and scoffed all the boxes of chocolates - time to put that all behind us because we're on to the next big event of the year already... Mother's Day!

It's a universally accepted fact that mums dig massage. Hey, who doesn't? It's even better if that massage comes in the form of a loving gift! As luck would have it, I have just the thing:

Sounds good eh? How about these accompanying offers*:

· Buy a gift certificate for your mum (or anyone for that matter) and you can receive a second treatment (again, for anyone of your choosing) at a discount of 10% if booked and paid for at the same time**.

· If you really want to treat someone special, you can even pay for 5x60 minute appointments in advance and get the 6th absolutely FREE! (This can be split between two people eg. both your mum & yourself)

If you, or someone you know, like the idea of relaxing and feeling great whilst waving goodbye to stress, headaches, anxiety, muscle tightness and tension then you've come to the right place.

It's worth noting that the Emmett Technique (applied either as a stand alone therapy or combined with others) can be equally beneficial as massage with the added bonus of having almost no contraindications. A major example of this is that it can be applied during pregnancy. This means everyone can enjoy feeling the positive effects of a treatment no matter their age, mobility, current medications, health, all due to the gentle, non-invasive application of the technique. Please visit or ask for more information on this amazingly versatile therapy.

*Terms & conditions apply - please ask for details.

**Valid until 15/03/15

By [email protected], Feb 1 2015 07:58PM

Hi there!

January. We made it. High fives all round!

I've got great news in the form of lovely money saving offers that will go live from February 2015.

Firstly I'd like to introduce a "refer a friend" deal. Nice and simple - you refer someone to me and as long as they book in and pay for a treatment, you will get 10% off your next appointment. Refer as many as you want (I won't complain!), and you get 10% off a single appointment each time a new referral has a paid session.

Let’s see, what else... Oh yes, how about a loyalty scheme? Kind of like a pay-as-you-go type arrangement. For every 60 minute treatment you have, you get a stamp on your brand new shiny loyalty card. Get 11 stamps and receive your 12th appointment for free! This way (unforeseen injuries aside) you can get a year’s worth of monthly MOT treatments to keep you in great shape, loosen tight muscles and avoid unwanted pain or discomfort all at a great discount. It doesn't even have to be just monthly bookings - you can have them 11 days in a row if you want - whatever suits you best.

There's more...

Buy 5x60 minute treatments in advance and get your 6th for free (a saving of £45).


New clients can save £15 buy booking & paying for their next 2 60 minute treatments at the end of the first appointment.

Stick with me and we'll go far!

(Terms & conditions apply - ask for details and visit All prices are correct at the time of this post. Muscle Solutions reserves the right to change prices or withdraw offers at any time.)

By [email protected], Jan 7 2015 05:56PM

So... that's that then. All done for another year. Presents unwrapped, leftover food reincarnated once, twice, three times into more variations of everyday dishes than previously thought possible. Decorations packed away, extended family members waved goodbye to and children suited and booted, ready for a new term at school. Phew... You made it.

Or did you...?

Take a moment to think about all the stressors put on you over the last few weeks. Obviously this is all relative, as what can seem the most daunting of tasks to one person, for someone else, can be the fuel they thrive on. Either way, putting your body and mind under large amounts of pressure can take it's toll and leave you feeling slightly worse for wear.

If you've been going through the last month or so holding increasing tension in your muscles this could spell trouble later down the line. Seemingly small things such as a light throb at the temple or behind the eyes can develop into full blown pain and discomfort that begin to disrupt day to day activities and potentially put any fun you may be having on hold.

This is a common example and one that very often stems from tight, overused muscles that we may not even realise were being used (a clenched jaw for example), which then begin to refer pain to other parts of the body.

It's not restricted just to the head either. This can happen to any muscle and generally promotes a domino effect to specific muscles around the main offender.

So what can be done about it?

First and foremost has to be awareness. Becoming more in tune with what your body and mind are doing at any given moment will give you a big advantage when it comes to combating unwanted aches and pains. Learning to spot tension in your body before it builds up and takes control is a great way to stay one step ahead of unwanted discomfort. Your good health and happiness come pretty high up on the "yes please" list (ie first) - don't let stress eat away at them!

Take time out for yourself. Even just one minute can make a world of difference when it comes to breaking that cycle of stress and tension. Focus on your breath... yes, your mind will wonder, and that's ok. Whenever you catch it doing so, calmly and politely bring your attention back to your breath. In and out. In and out.

A treatment of your preferred bodywork therapy (massage etc) will help promote a calm and relaxed state of mind. If you are in pain, I would personally recommend a session of the Emmett Technique to quickly help lessen any discomfort felt and get you back to enjoying life (and yes, I am an Emmett Practitioner so I'm going to say this, but believe me, I've had some fantastic results with this technique and often in just one session!)

Be mindful if you have joined a gym recently. Make sure there is someone there to show how to use the machines and lift weights both with correct form. This is so important. It may feel as though you are doing yourself good now but months down the line you may well find yourself with increasing aches and pains due to having put way too much unnecessary stress on your muscles and joints. Of course, I'm always here if you need to work those knots out, but, for your sake, I'd much rather you were coming to me to prevent injuries and maintain happy, healthy muscles!

This brings me onto the main reson for writing this. I want to offer everyone the opportunity to experience a pain-free and stress-free start to the new year with a discount on 60 minute treatments throughout January:

Hit like & share and quote this reference to receive £10 off an hours treatment (normally £45):


(Offer is limited to one treatment per person and must be redeemed by 01/03/15. This promotion runs from 07/01/15-31/01/15 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer)

So... what resolutions have you made with yourself, and have you managed to stick to them so far?

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